1) Do you have any assistants or helpers? If so, how many, and what are their qualifications? What is your understanding of Indiana’s Quality Rating System (Paths to Quality)? **Learn more by clicking here

2) When and where do the children take naps?

3) What kinds of activities are available for the children?

4) Do you allow the children to watch TV or videos? If so, how long are they allowed to watch?

5) What are your methods of positive behavior reinforcement and discipline?

6) Do you take the children on field trips or other places outside of the child care facility? What are your procedures for notifying parents?

7) Are you experienced and/or certified in administering medications? What are your procedures for illness or emergency?

8) Do you provide food? If so, at what times of the day or evening do you provide the food?

9) Do you work with a research based curriculum or use a developmental milestone checklist as a guide?

10) Would I be responsible for payment if either you or my child is not available? Are there specific circumstances under which I would be responsible for payment?

In addition to asking questions, I recommend that parents look around at the home or other facility, observe, and communicate with the childcare provider and helpers. You should also follow your gut instinct. A perfect childcare program does not exist, but ensure it is a right fit for your child’s needs.