Gr8t Partnerships

Gold Level Partnerships

  • Subsidized Care
    • An employer offers workers a child care allowance or subsidy that families can use toward a child care arrangement of their choice. The employer contribution can be a percentage of the total cost of care, a flat amount for all participating employees, or determined by a sliding scale based on a family’s income.
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        • Goshen Health Systems-Tracy Yun or Brian King
        • Indiana Signworks-Olivia Warner
  • Adopt a High-Quality Early Childhood Program
    • Partner with an Early Childhood program! It can become quite costly to maintain a level 3-4 Paths to Quality status. Show your commitment to these programs by assisting with structural and non-structural supports.  (plumbing; painting; marketing; advocacy etc.)
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    • Join an Early Childhood Executive/Advisory Board
      • Support the care, social-emotional health and advocate for your youngest generation. DrivLe fundraising efforts to assist with the offset of cost, legislation support for quality care investment, and consistently evaluate the facilities mission.

Silver Level Partnerships 

  • Flexible Spending Accounts & Increased tax credits/deductions
    • The Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP) is an employer-sponsored program that allows employers to provide assistance directly or, more commonly, allows employees to set aside funds for child and dependent care in a flexible spending account. Up to $2,500 annually ($5,000 for married couples) in assistance or employee contributions is excludable from employee wages for income and payroll tax purposes. According to the Office of Tax Analysis at the Department of Treasury, the total current income tax benefit from DCAP on the individual side is $1.14 billion.
  • Volunteer
    • Most states have a requirement that all Early Childhood volunteers must pass a Criminal Record Check prior to working in the classroom with the children. High-quality programs have additional regulations for volunteers that are working in the same program more than 8 hours a month.  Check program regulations first.  Volunteer efforts can include classroom assistance, marketing support, and possible structural support.  This is dependent upon the facility.
  • Onsite Informational Sessions
    • Parents are vital stakeholders in early care and education, and the choices they make about early care and education have important ramifications for their children, their families, and the early care and education system. Partner with your local CCR&R agency to support parents and give them the resources they need to make an informed decision around the care of their child(ren). Schedule a time to bring in a CCR&R staff member to your workplace!

Bronze Level Partnerships

  • New Employee Informational Packets
  • On-site Employee child-care referrals
  • Child Care Resource & Referral Partnership
  • Marketing/Advocacy Patronships


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