Gr8t Toddlers

Understanding Your Toddler

At 18 months:

  • walking well with feet slightly apart
  • climbing, managing corners and obstacles well
  • saying six to 12 recognizable words
  • repeating last words of sentences
  • wanting to be more independent and do things without help
  • showing personality traits
  • playing alone, but still liking to be near adults
  • easily frustrated and throwing temper tantrums
  • using objects and routines for comfort and security.

At two years:

  • walking up stairs and maybe walking backwards
  • squatting and standing without using hands
  • kicking a ball and throwing over arm
  • saying 50 or more recognisable words and understanding more
  • joining in some nursery rhymes
  • becoming increasingly independent but still constantly demanding parents’ attention
  • clinging tightly in affection, fear or fatigue
  • throwing temper tantrums when frustrated
  • starting to develop an imagination